Sunday, November 27, 2011

TA and Turkey Talk

We were thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with Mom and Grandma (101 now!).
IBoy's jaw was still slightly swollen, but he didn't let it stop him from feasting!

The girls are patiently waiting to start the feast!

Dad's not so sure, hey - the food's getting cold!

Enough turkey.  Now the tough talk.  NO TA yet!  I am so longing for it to come in.  Do you see the green "Adi" listed?  That is us - this is from a site that tracks timing of each step of the adoption process.  This was from early last week - I believe there are close to 200 families listed in all phases of the journey.  Since this was taken, there were actually several families below us who received their TA.  We have been (not so) patiently waiting since 11/2.  The average time to receive it is 18 days, but recently many lucky families have received theirs much more quickly than 18 days.  Most of the families who shared our same timeline (up to this point) have already met their children in China.

I know that He has perfect timing.  I do know that, it is just SO hard for my heart to trust that He knows best!  It shouldn't be, and there are brief moments throughout each day when I am calm and at peace with His plan.  And then, the human mama part of me takes control and I weep and fret.

In then end - I have no choice but to submit to His timing - after all, I have ZERO control over when it comes!  Our agency has promised to look into why we, and several other families with our agency, have not yet received the Travel Approval.  God willing, we will have good news in the next few days!

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Sarah said...

Sending you big hugs while you wait the final steps... praying peace!! XO-