Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!  I REALLLLLLLY dislike how blogger updated posting.  I think that is half the reason I don't do it anymore - loading the photos and typing text is SO DIFFICULT and cumbersome I get exasperated!

Before I start screaming, even though these pictures are out of order, I am putting a caption on them and uploading it.  I give up trying to figure out how the durn program puts the pictures where it wants NOT where I want them and then I can't move them!  Grrrrrrrr!

Chicka catching snowflakes.
Chicka after a few minutes of goofy medicine!
Dad and Zabi pretending they got a
dose of goofy medicine!
Chicka engrossed in a library book at the school.  How could she have grown up so fast?????
Chicka and Zabi with their snowman - he lasted for nearly a week before he left his scarf laying on the ground.

Zabi posing pretty in the snow.
IBoy's 17th birthday bash dinner - a simple burger and fries.  To serve 18!!!!!
His little bit of burger.  Yikes!

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