Thursday, February 26, 2009

We have another daughter from God!

We are SO very excited to officially announce that we are the proud parents to be of another sweet daughter waiting for us in China!  She is from the same orphanage as Chicka was from, she shares some of the same special needs - drooping eyelids and developmental delays and she will soon turn 4!  We are hoping to travel to meet her and bring her home in the fall, but sooner would be better!

We were planning on using the tax credit from Chicka's adoption to fund Zabi's adoption, but have just found out that we do not qualify to use any of that credit this year!  Yes, we are mightily praying for miracles, because that is what it is going to take.  Already God has listened to our pleas and provided.  The day that we had a $500 deposit due to the adoption agency, we received a overpayment check from our mortgage company after we had refinanced.  The amount of the check?  $492!  Thank you, God!  We have a $1350 payment due to our homestudy agency next week.  The last puppy just sold and the payment of $1,100 is being made on Saturday.  Thank you, God!  Now to fund the remaining $13,000.  We have applied for several adoption grants and are waiting to hear the status of those requests.  Over the next few weeks I am going to be posting some hand crafted body care items and children's clothing items that I am making on this blog, so if you know of anyone that might be remotely interested in helping us bring this sweet girl out of China, please share your ideas with me!


alhop2 said...

Donna - Your precious new daughter is so beautiful - she is so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!! :) Praying for you and your journey to your sweet little girl!

as written by Barbara said...

I have been following you since your travels for Inara. Chuie is indeed another blessed event and so exciting!
Blessings for you all,
Barbara Lyman (WCF)
ds Guo; Fujian Province, b.4/28/96 a.1/28/07

Leingang Family said...

We will be praying! We serve a God of miracles!