Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nothing Much Afoot

Wow.  Exciting.  NOT - which can be a good thing, right?  Nothing much going on.  Everyone is doing well - besides an annoying cold that has been passed around.

What a WAY COOL Daddy to let his girls dress him up like a princess AND then dance!  (and to let Mama take pictures!!!! - AND to post them so the world can see!!!!!)

Not very good photos of our youngest sweeties, but I wanted to share them with you.  They are wearing the clothes that they had on when we first held them in our arms.  Surprisingly, Chicka was still able to wear her clothes (minus the shoes!), nearly 3 years later!  At just over a year ago, Zabi has not grown a tremendous amount, but she sure is a happier little girl!

Nero went to the dance at school last night - handsome dude, isn't he?
The girls decided that they wanted to make cupcakes to have a Chinese New Year party.  So - they have planned the party.  We are going to drink tea out of beautiful tea cups from China, eat cupcakes and play some games that they have organized.  Should be a hoot!